The philosophy of Living Spirits

Our philosophy is to create the interactive innovation that is not only bring the joy to the work interacted audience but also be able to communicate the social messages embedded in the work like we are also part of the society.


“Living Spirits” comes from the team members’ shared values and admiration towards news, social issues, or cultures around the world. We take on the identity of each place to carry out a project that can best tell the story of its own and be able to raise an awareness or realisation of the current issues to the spotlight through our works.

Why we choose ‘the value of living’ to be our passion?

We want to be able to be the voice echoing the societal or cultural concerns righteously. Moreover, as we believe in the beauty of the spirits in people and places, thus, we want to see these values keep on living and reflect social or cultural issue to the world through our works.


“I am sure this installation will pep up those who need their kopi in the morning 😄. I didn’t realise it is actually made of cold brew coffee bottles, and shines brighter when people are around it. The artwork represents the hard-working, can-do spirit of our workforce.”

Lee Hsien LoongPrime Minister of Singapore

“Lifting not just sights but spirits too with Coffeelights. For @indiasemedia
Chandelier of Spirits is an art installation by Living Spirits from Thailand. A collective who listen, observe, question, create conversation, and make connection with people through arts.”

Parul Trivedi-Shah

“Wooooooooot~~~ Friday~~~ Weekend is approaching. May your weekend be bright and colourful like the Chandelier of Spirits installation at iLight Marina Bay 2018.
Chandelier of Spirits makes use of cold brew coffee bottles to create an installation that illuminates brighter with more people around. Cold brew coffee bottles were chosen as they symbolise an essential beverage for many of the office workers in Singapore.”

Living Spirits is a collective artists who observe and listen to the voices of social issue, culture, sub-culture, happening, history and every issues that we called it ‘Spirits’ in order to carry out an art installation and interactive art project that is hidden with societal controversy topics.

Therefore, our works are not only for aesthetic consumption but also for the spirits of each place and its people. We hopefully that our work will echo the voice of every living spirits.


“Cycle of Spirits” is an installation art that reflected about living and cultures. All of those is the important things that made human’s cycle keep rolling in everyday. This is the beginning idea for us to use wheel of motorbike , the bottle of energy drink to be a part of Chandelier. Wheels represent to the cycle of life in everyday. The bottle of energy drink represents to the main force that push this cycle moving.