In our perspective, for a piece of work to be regarded as “Innovation”, it should be well crafted through these two keys of the production methods— cognitive process and creativity. Surely, to start something new or bring change to some same old stuff that has always stayed the same can be rough. On top of that, according to our experiences, there were times that the process took time longer than we estimated and that we had to invest our time and stayed committed to the work longer like for months or even years. And for us, this such situation is like joining a marathon; not in physical context but spiritual.


Moreover, it’s such a pity when most of the times, people, in general, choose to prioritize only the outcome rather than seeing the importance of the production process. And this kind of view is pretty much different from the view of people who work in the creative field, we included, as we’ll see the importance in both the outcome and the production equally. And that’s what ‘adaptor’ is. We share this very same belief.


Spirits of Innovation is like a symbol that will remind the viewers the two main keys of the production methods— cognitive process and creativity, which together always lead to a successful outcome. And this is what we believe and what actually happens. Therefore, we seriously hold this idea to our hearts as our working philosophy. This is where our base lies


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