artist statement

As a person who lives in a chaotic city. I got inspired by situation that I have seen every day. Sometimes it can be conflict or questionable issue but there is always another picture pop-up in my head. It is a comparative, parodic, funny or sarcastic version of the things. Those pop-up pictures can lift me up when I am feeling blue. But I cannot say it out loud just keep it secret, smile and move on. I called it “Bad feeling exit strategy”

Days become month and months become year, I still collect those issues more and more. Likewise, you have a delicious secret burger recipe which you eat every morning. And one day you want to invite people to taste and feel how amazing they are.

So now, I would like to share my imaginary images to the world. And I decided to present them in a different way through a technique which in area of my expertise. Instead of pencil, brush or paint. Coding is a skill that I professional with. As an inventor minded artist, I’m drawn to a technology that brings people participation and I want to make a bridge between virtual world and reality. I love to create and explore a new way of interaction. Seeing how people look at it through a new lens is fascinating.

My collection illustrates how I see the world and I would like to share that experiences.