Title  Crystallisation of Thought

Duration  28 January – 24 February, 2019

Location  Singapore

Presented by Clarke Quay Central, i Light Singapore 2019 (Bicentennial Edition)

Crystallisation of Thoughts is an LED installation that visually imagines how ideas are generated and then combined into congruent thoughts, in the form of interconnected waves of small crystals to symbolize the crystallization of thinking process and formation of new possibilities that come in streams much like the Singapore River that is the center where creativity meets opportunity throughout the past 200 years. 

The artwork also conveys Singapore as a technologically advanced city as well as introduces interactivity with the audiences through changing colors of the crystalized waves in different variations. They can also use D-Pads to play the classic game of “Pong” through the installation, visitors simulate the way people bounce ideas off one another, ultimately creating wonderful, cogent tough through the process of group iteration reflecting into the Singapore River. 

At the exhibition area, audiences can also admire the light show that displays 4 acts of the crystallization process.

Act 1: Brainstorm: Brainstorming to gather ideas to be crystallized.
Act 2: Research: Research for the possibilities.
Act 3: Crystallise: Crystallising the thought that can be used.
Act 4: Shining: the crystallized idea become real as if it comes to light.

The Crystallisation of Thoughts was made of more than 800 light bulbs covered with folded translucent and light-weighted masking material like PP board. Bringing to life by modular interactive lighting system.

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